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Motoring Law


With the prevalence of numerous speed cameras and pro-active policing with increased police powers in relation to Road Traffic law, more clients nowadays are finding themselves in jeopardy.


The Motoring Law is very technical and the rules are often complex with cumbersome procedures.


Having successfully defended several motoring prosecutions, our lawyers will use their wealth of experience to provide expert advice and guide you through the legal process to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We also represent you in legal proceedings to prevent a conviction or disqualification and aim to keep you driving.


We provide legal advice across the full spectrum of driving offences including but not limited to:-


*  Drink driving
*  Speeding
*  Driving without due care and attention
*  Careless driving
*  Dangerous driving
*  Driving whilst disqualified
*  Driving without licence or Insurance
*  Using mobile phone
*  Failing to stop
*  Traffic signs and Road Markings
*  Taxi Touting


For some of the above offences, you will not be entitled for legal aid. However, we offer very competitive rates including fixed fees as appropriate to your case.


The consequences of having penalty points on your licence can be life changing. It can have devastating effect on your ability to continue with your employment and personal commitments.


We will explore every means of keeping you on the road. We work with a number of renowned experts on wide range of issues relevant to your case. We will provide continued support all the way through.


If you have been served with a Notice of Intended Prosecution, being summoned to attend Court or involved in a motoring offence, please contact our lawyers immediately on 0208 554 0012 to obtain advise.

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