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June 2015


Conspiracy to defraud and obtaining leave to remain by deception at Blackfriars Crown Court - June 2015

After a lengthy trial the defendant was convicted of one count of conspiracy to defraud. However after meticulous and  detailed mitigation ,the defendant was sentenced to a much shorter custodial sentence than usual for that type of offence. In addition, an agreement was reached with the prosecution that charges of theft and obtaining leave to remain by deception were not proceeded with. As a result the custodial sentence the defendant received over-all, was substantially reduced. The trial was conducted by our In-House Solicitor-Advocate.

Man found not guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court after trial – June 2015

Following a 3 day trial the defendant who faced an allegation of threats to kill, was unanimously acquitted. There was evidence given by a number of witnesses .Due to  expert cross examination, the main prosecution witness left the court room and refusing to continue his evidence. The jury rejected the allegation that the defendant was armed with a knife and that the victim feared he would cause him serious violence. The trial was conducted by our In-House Solicitor-Advocate.


Large scale importation of Class A Drugs to UK – July  2015

S A Law Chambers represent a Defendant charged with importing  8 million pounds  worth of class A drugs into United Kingdon. The allegation centres around the use of packages of drugs imported using lorries  crossing over from the continent.  The Trial  will be heard at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Prolonged multiple Rapes and False Imprisonment against ex-partner – June 2015

S A Law Chambers represent a Defendant charged with a series of rapes and sexual assaults on an ex partner at her home address over a lengthy period. The Defendant is alleged to have imprisoned the victim against her wishes at knifepoint for a month while carrying out the attacks. The Trial will take place at Snaresbrook Crown Court.


Police drop case against man accused of Attempted Murder – June 2015

A man accused of Attempted Murder following a large scale public disturbance in Essex has been informed that Police are to take No Further Action against him.

Defendant acquitted after trial for smashing glass bottle over complainants’ head – June 2015

SA Law Chambers represented the defendant who  was found not  guilty of  GBH after trial by the Jury at Snaresbrook Crown court  and released immediately from custody.


Murder suspect released without charge – June 2015

The defendant was seen on CCTV with others, involved in a fatal stabbing altercation inside a restaurant. Having sought advice from SA Law Chambers , the defendant was released without charge.


Man found not guilty of making serious threat at care home – June 2015

SA Law Chambers represented a defendant with severe learning difficulties who was alleged to have made threats to another resident in a care home.  The defendant was found not guilty of this offence at Snaresbrook Crown Court and was represented by one of our In house Solicitor Advocate.

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